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Welcome to the Nova Scotia eReferral Resource Hub

Nova Scotia launched a new single-entry intake model for managing and coordinating referrals for surgical consults in March 2023. Diagnostic Imaging went live with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) eReferrals on September 27 and ultrasound eReferrals on December 6, 2023. Planning is underway for Computed Tomography (CT) scans. This model is supported by an electronic referral (eReferrals) tool, a surgical central intake office / centralized waitlist and diagnostic imaging central queue.

The use of eReferrals will become mandatory for some health care providers on April 1, 2024. Primary care providers and surgeons will be required to use eReferrals to send and receive referrals for surgical consults and DI services available in the tool. While April 1 has been established as the deadline for mandatory use for these users and services, the expectation is that those who have onboarded and completed training are now using the tool to manage and coordinate these referrals.

The Nova Scotia eReferral Resource Hub has been designed to support access to the eReferrals tool and its use. Learn how to make the most of this digital healthcare access tool with focused guides and training resources made for Nova Scotia's providers and their teams.

I use the eReferrals tool daily and find it easy to access Diagnostic Imaging requisitions. As a Super User at my site, I support my teammates with any questions they may have. I enjoy using it and it gives me hope for a completely paperless future. My advice to new users: take it one step at a time, and success will follow.

April Rafuse, General Office Clerk South Shore Regional Hospital

Not having to wait for missing information to be faxed back has sped up the booking process. Communication among referrers, patients and our team has improved significantly. Referrers can check on their requests within the tool without calling our department and patients can receive emails notifications about their request.

Angela Salter, Booking Clerk, Hants Community Hospital

I enjoy using the eReferrals portal and believe this to be a very useful means of referring and keeping track of referrals. I would highly recommend this program to other users.

Dr. Harsh Mishra, Family Physician, Rockingham Ridge Medical Centre

I’m an operations guy, and see the eReferrals system as innovative. It’s an opportunity to make better use of the resources that we have in the province. This will save people’s lives.

Craig Maclaren, surgical patient and director of operations for a food services company

My family doctor told me about a new eReferral service where I would receive notifications about my son’s referral status. I got an email confirming my son’s appointment the same day my doctor sent it. Within a couple of days, we had an appointment time. It was all very quick and gave me peace of mind that it was being handled. It worked like a charm.

Mary Ellen Rainey, mother of IWK Health patient

I’m very happy to be a part of this remarkable innovation. The ability for primary healthcare providers such as myself to make use of a streamlined online e-referral system has been a true game-changer for my own medical practice, which is already seeing marked improvements in efficiencies and effectiveness.

Dr. Ajantha Jayabarathan, Family Physician, Coral Shared-Care Health Centre, Halifax

We now have new insight into the number and types of referrals being sent and their status, which is improving our ability to plan, coordinate referrals, communicate with patients and providers, and support more timely access to surgical consults.

Dr. Greg Hirsch, Cardiac Surgeon and Senior Medical Director, Nova Scotia Health Perioperative Services Network

eReferrals decreases the chances of missing or losing referrals compared to the old traditional fax system and you get more details about the patient that helps to prioritize the consult. It is also very important for the patient to be able to track their referral, where it is and when to expect to see the specialist.

Dr. Ahmed Jad, General and Bariatric Surgeon, Colchester East Hants Health Centre, Truro

Because the new eReferrals form has required fields, we get all the information needed to do our jobs. eReferrals cuts down on duplicate referrals and time spent obtaining missing information. The tracking process is much more efficient than the previous faxing and filing methods!

Lynda Vidito, MRI Team Lead, Technologist,
Valley Regional Hospital

eReferrals has completely changed the way I can refer my patients. It is easy to use and has cut down on my administrative time doing referrals. I like the choice of being able to refer to a central hub or an individual. I look forward to the expansion of the system to include other referral pathways.

Dr. Samson Ezomo, Family Physician,
Scotia Square Medical, Halifax

Having a system where we can support and follow surgical referrals from the primary care provider through to Central Intake, and then to the surgeon’s office, helps connect patients with the most appropriate provider, as quickly as possible.

Megan Adams, Surgical Referral Officer and Team Lead, Nova Scotia Health, Surgical Central Intake office

We use the eReferral system for all our consults to the pediatric ear, nose and throat clinic at IWK Health. Triaging consults by physicians has become much easier and takes very little time or effort. The system is part of the future success of Nova Scotia’s healthcare system.

Dr. Gerard Corsten, Chief, Pediatric Surgery and Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, IWK Health

There has never been a referral process for surgical referrals this sophisticated, that has feedback to the patient, referring clinician, and the surgeon.

Dr. Harold Berghuis, Department Head, Family Practice, Northern Zone

Not yet on Ocean? Submit an onboarding request to get started

If you are a primary care provider or surgeon, select the appropriate onboarding request and complete the form to get started. You will receive a follow up communication from a deployment team member once this is complete. Other healthcare providers are not yet being onboarded to Ocean. Information will be shared as access is expanded to other healthcare providers in the future.

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