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Nova Scotia tutorials (detailed)

Comprehensive ~25-minute recorded live tutorial sessions walking through all the steps required to send and receive Ocean eReferral for surgical and diagnostic imaging pathways.

For DI eReferrals

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Nova Scotia demos (summarizing key steps)

Brief (2-3 min) Nova Scotia-created video segments demonstrating core eReferral workflows for Med Access, Accuro and non-integrated EMR users. Click here to watch the Referral Overview video.

Nova Scotia printable reference guides

Quick, printable PDF guides walking through various aspects of Ocean eReferral.

eReferral enhancements

Review the latest related enhancements improving eReferral user experience as of April 9, 2024.

Prior Limitation

New Enhancement

Tasks generated in Ocean eReferrals do not automatically enter Med Access in a way that is easy to see or manage. For example, users can not see if Tasks relate to a surgical consult or DI request, or a specific surgical sub-specialty. Health care providers and their administrative staff must manually manage and file these tasks (i.e., assign them to folder etc.).

The Med Access extension has been updated and now automatically makes these changes to Ocean-generated Tasks in Med Access:
—The Category within Task will be set to either Investigation for all DI health service offerings (HSOs) or Consult for non-DI HSOs.
—The Type within Task will be set to the Med Access Type that matches the Ocean HSO. For instance, an eReferral with the HSO General Surgery would be categorized under the Category = Consult and Type = General Surgery.
—Tasks will be categorized into the Active Requests section within the respective Consult or Investigation area of the patient’s chart.

The above changes will be triggered immediately upon opening of the Task, with an indication of the changes being made at the top of the Task window. To save the changes, the user must simply click the Save button within the Task.

For those who already have the Med Access extension, this update was automatically completed. To download the Med Access Extension to your device, click here.

Within the Ocean eReferrals tool users cannot sort referrals within the Pending Booking folder based on things such as their priority level.

Priority and Protocol filters have been added in the eReferrals & eConsult dashboard Pending Booking folder. This makes it easier for providers to review referrals awaiting action based on their priority level or a protocol (where applicable). For example, users can now sort and search based on a specific priority levels (i.e., urgent)

Saved for Later referrals are only accessible in the Ocean eReferrals site under the Incomplete folder or as a note/ task in the EMR.

Saved for Later referrals can now be accessed from the Ocean Patient Dashboard within the Saved for Later Outbox.

Saved for Later notes enter Med Access as Completed Tasks, which may result in tasks being missed.

Saved for Later notes now enter as an Active Task and include the referral description (HSO) in the Description Title and Notes.

Users working out of multiple clinics face different challenges. They can only store one EMR username and one set of address / contact information under their Ocean account. They can also only add / select delegates assigned to the clinic site they are using.

These challenges have all been addressed:
—Users can now store a separate EMR username for each Ocean site that they belong to, allowing them to establish and maintain EMR single sign on for more than one Ocean site at a time.
—There is now a Clinical Contact Information configuration page under users’ accounts. One set of information can be entered manually for users and further locations can be chosen, allowing the user to select the clinic location when sending.
—Users can now add delegates from any Ocean site they belong to.

When users apply the Referring Clinicians filter, the sent counts does not update on the left side until the user clicks into the folder.

When any filter is applied (either by saving as a default or selecting on the spot), the associated folders should have the counts updated. When the page is refreshed, the folder counts should be accurate to the persisting filters.

Vendor resources (Ocean eReferral)

Videos and written guides

Getting started guides and demonstration videos are provided below to guide you through the steps of setting up your Ocean user account and sending or receiving an eReferral. Please select the tabbed option below that applies to your practice/clinic.

Technical support articles

More Ocean resources

Download the Ocean-MA Extension

The Ocean-MA Extension allows Med Access users to send chart files directly to Ocean without requiring a download and upload from the user's machine.

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Search the Ocean Knowledge Base

Ocean maintains a comprehensive knowledge base with articles, guides and video walkthroughs designed to help users make the most of their new digital capabilities.

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